“Training the Working Stockdog”-This video takes one step-by-step in training the stockdog.It covers everything from puppies to finished dogs.(Five plus hours)

“Solving Stockdog Problems & Gathering Wild Cattle” Two hours of solving problems such as an over aggressive dog or staring a timid one, and many more tips. There is also a bonus hour filmed in the high rugged mountains catching wild cattle, tieing them to trees, leading and dog breaking. (Three Hours)

“Training The Hangin’ Tree Cowdog & Using the Remote Trainer” This video covers such things as teaching commands, backing the dog off of stock, teaching it to "hit" both heads and heels on cattle, teaching to trail and find cattle, teaching the dog to load in the pickup truck, plus how to set and use the remote trainer in a positive humane fashion for optimum results.

“Cowboys and Cowdogs” This is a tribute to cowboys across the country and their dogs. The tape contains short cameo appearances of many of the good cowboy dog handlers and the dogs they are using from Canada to Louisiana, and from Alabama to California. (Two Hours) $42.00 which includes shipping and handling.

“Handling Cattle With Stockdogs” Learn how to correctly handle all types of cattle the smoothest and easiest way. Watch and learn how to set things up so that you and your dogs win every time.

Videos\DVDs are $56.00 which includes shipping and handling. Download order form and send check or money order to:

Gary Ericsson, 20981 C.R. 1560, Ada, Oklahoma 74820

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